How to Reduce Yard Waste

Yard waste can recycle naturally, when managed correctly.  Here are a few ways you can put less yard waste to the curb and benefit your garden at the same time.

  • Grasscycling – Let the clips fall!

            Use a mulching mower or retrofit your current mower with a mulching blade kit and let grass clippings fall back into the lawn.  This adds nitrogen from the clippings to the soil.  Can cut fertilizer use by 30% or more. Cut only 1/3 of grass blade at a time to promote root growth and shade out  weeds. Deep roots help plants resist drought and disease         .

  • Reduce Lawn Area

Add low maintenance plant beds and groundcovers, slow-growth bushes, decks, walkways and borders to your yard to reduce lawn area.

  • Use shredded leaves and grass clippings as mulch

Controls weeds, conserves moisture and reduces soil erosion.

Place 1”- 2” layer on wet newspaper between vegetable/flower rows.

Sprinkle 1” layer around bushes and tree bases.

Shred leaves into lawn – adds nutrients and doesn’t harm lawn.

  • Backyard Composting

Make your own bin/pile or purchase plastic compost bins and compost all of your yard waste. Click to view Home Composting Flyer for detailed information.