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SOCRRA Facility

Plan a visit to SOCRRA's Education Center at the Material Recovery Facility site and see how recyclables are sorted and baled! To arrange a group tour (10 minimum), call Karen Bever at (248) 288-5150 or e-mail her at Tours are available for school groups, senior citizens, garden clubs, environmental clubs, etc. more information

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Life of Recycling

1. You buy it.
2. You use all of it
3. You recycle it.
4. The recycle truck picks it up and brings it to SOCRRA’s recycle center.
5. SOCRRA sorts and bales the material.
6. We send it to a manufacturer for processing.
7. It gets made into something new again.
8. It goes back to the store.
9. And you purchase it again.

This process happens over and over again!!!



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Staple Recycling

Did you know that you can recycle staples? It is amazing how many staples that are thrown away during the course of a day! We started collecting staples in a small metal can in my office, and about 4 years later we now have a full can of staples that can now be recycled! You can collect small metal items (staples, screws, Bolts…) in a can and tape the top so that they don't spill out and place them into your recycle bin.




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Check back in the Spring of 2016!



Styrofoam is now being accepted at our Drop Off Center

You can now drop off the following items:
Cups and takeout containers
Egg cartons
Rinsed meat trays
Food trays/lunch trays
(No Styrofoam peanuts)
All items must be rinsed.

For businesses, being wasteful can also mean wasting money.  Implementing a recycling program
can help reduce your waste and increase your bottom line.

What businesses recycle with SOCRRA?