For businesses, being wasteful can also mean wasting money.  Implementing a recycling program
can help reduce your waste and increase your bottom line.

SOCRRA offers recycling collection for businesses located in one of their twelve member communities: Berkley, Beverly Hills, Birmingham, Clawson, Ferndale, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Lathrup Village, Oak Park, Pleasant Ridge, Royal Oak and Troy


  1. Determine how much you have to recycle: Look at the what can be recycled in Mixed Recycling, then look around your business. You’ll find paper, envelopes, cardboard boxes, water bottles, cans, glass and more – all which can be recycled. This will help you determine which receptacles (bins or carts) will work best and how many you need to contain your recyclables for FREE weekly collection.

  2. Contact SOCRRA to purchase bins or carts: Call SOCRRA at (248)288-5150 to order your bins or carts. 18-gallon curbside bins with separate lids are $12 and 95-gallon carts on wheels with hinged lids are $55 each. SOCRRA staff will inform you of your regular FREE weekly collection day.

  3. Educate your staff: Post signs, label receptacles, send emails announcing your recycling program. Eliminate trash containers in areas where there’s a lot to recycle - near copy machines and in mail rooms. Consider putting a recycling receptacle next to each trash can. Train staff on what is recyclable and where to put it. Remind them that all waste has to go somewhere, and it’s just as easy to put it in a recycling bin as a garbage can.

  4. Determine a location for collection: Bins and carts need to be visible and accessible to the driver of the truck. SOCRRA will help to determine the best location for this. Bins and carts should be put outside before 7 a.m. or the night before to ensure regular weekly collection.

  5. Start recycling and measure your success: Pay attention to your reduction in garbage. Once your program is up and running, assess your garbage collection needs and adjust your service accordingly so your business can reap any potential savings by recycling. Commend your staff for their participation. Consider the amount of resources saved, pollution prevented and dollars saved for your company.