Easier Recycling Makes It Way to You!

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SOCRRA E-News Update | June 2017

Recycling is about to get a lot easier for residents in SOCRRA communities. This summer, SOCRRA will deliver a 65-gallon recycling cart to every single-family household in its member communities. And because SOCRRA is converting to a Mixed Recycling facility, ALL curbside recyclables can be mixed together in the new cart! No need to keep paper separate from the other recyclables – just throw it all in and wheel it to the curb. Recycling will now be as easy as taking out the trash!

“We are excited to launch Mixed Recycling and deliver the new curbside carts”, says Jeff McKeen, General Manager of SOCRRA. “These changes will make recycling easier than ever for our residents.” Not only will recycling be easier, but the new carts will help residents to recycle more. The new carts can hold three Ɵmes more recyclables than the current recycling bins!

Cart delivery will begin in mid-July and finish up in September. There are a lot of SOCRRA residents, so we won’t be able to pinpoint an exact delivery date. But as soon as you get your cart, you can start using it! Look for the info card that will be with your cart and remember – with Mixed Recycling, all curbside recyclables go together in one cart!

For More Information:

Check out your new recycling cart! Carts and information are on display at locations throughout the SOCRRA communities—check your local library or city hall. And look for carts and information at upcoming events around your city.

Stay up to date on mixed recycling and cart delivery! Additional information is available on SOCRRA’s website including a Frequently Asked Questions sheet about carts and mixed recycling. To stay up to date on these exciting initiatives, please follow SOCRRA on Facebook.


Two SOCRRA communities tested the use of mixed recycling carts and continue to use them today: A section of Beverly Hills, and the entire City of Huntington Woods.

Stay up‐to‐date about the Mixed Recycling Launch and Cart Delivery via our Facebook page and our monthly newsletter to learn about exciting recycling news at SOCRRA!