Spring Break Eco-Style

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SOCRRA E-News Update | March 2017

Spring break is just around the corner! The blistering cold and snow storms may have you heading South for the week. Before you hit the road—remember to bring your reuse and recycling habits with you wherever you go. Don’t take a vacation from green living!

The following tips will help green your spring vacation:

  • Reusable Containers: Perfect for packing snacks, whether you’re planning a long road trip or flying to an exciting destination, choose to reuse.

  • On the Road Again: Look for recycling containers at rest stops, state parks and shops along the way. Sometimes these places have just a few recycling containers or have one central location for recycling. If recycling container is not visible, bring a reusable bag to collect your recyclables until you find one.

  • Remember to Rinse: Be sure to rinse out all plastic bottles and aluminum cans if you are temporarily storing them until you find a container.

  • Carry In, Carry Out: Protect our national parks and beautiful beaches by bringing only items that you can recycle or dispose of on site.

Plan for Earth Day Today

Earth Day is a next month! What will you do to celebrate? Why not engage your co-workers in Earth-friendly activities? Try these simple suggestions:

  • Create a carpool e-mail chain

  • Walk or bike to work

  • Organize a recycling event

  • Bring in mugs/reusable bottles for the employee lounge

  • Learn how to start a recycling program at work