Celebrate Recycling in November!

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SOCRRA E-News Update | November 2017

Each November, SOCRRA recognizes America Recycles Day, a national awareness campaign about the importance of recycling. Recycling is the easiest thing we can all do to improve our community, conserve natural resources, and create green jobs. And don’t forget, for every ton of recyclables, SOCRRA member communities EARN money. So the next time someone says “why bother to recycle?”, here are a few things you can say. Thank you for recycling!

  • Over 75% of waste is recyclable

  • It takes 17 times less energy to make products from recycled materials than from virgin resources.

  • Your city pays $27.00 per ton to dispose of curbside trash.

  • SOCRRA rebates your community $20.00 per ton for curbside recycling.

  • Recycling tonnages are increasing due to the new recycling carts (see side bar for more info!).

New Carts = Increase in Recycling! This America Recycles Day, SOCRRA is celebrating the increase in the amount of recyclables collected since the implementation of the new recycling carts. Data from October 2017 is 30% higher compared to the same month last year. SOCRRA received 2,059 tons of curbside recycling last month, which is the highest monthly total in at least 10 years! Trash tonnage has also been significantly lower.