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SOCRRA E-News Update | August 2017

SOCRRA cannot thank our residents enough for making the transition to carts go so smoothly. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

I have always put Styrofoam and plastic bags in my curbside bin. Why the change with the new recycling cart?
Styrofoam and plastic bags have never been okay to place in your curbside bin. If you were putting these materials in your bin, they ended up getting sorted out as trash at the recycling facility. Styrofoam is accepted at SOCRRA’s drop off center and we’re proud to say we are now the largest recycler of foam in the state!

Plastic bags get too contaminated when mixed with other recyclables in the bins and can cause major problems if they get tangled in the equipment at the recycling facility. But they are also accepted at SOCRRA’s drop off center and many stores now have drop offs for plastic bags. The only plastic bag that is acceptable to place in your cart is a see through bag filled with shredded paper.

Why the change to no longer accept batteries and scrap metal with the new recycling carts?
Safety is the primary reason these items are no longer collected in your new recycling cart. Batteries can pose a fire hazard at the recycling facility and scrap metal can easily damage the equipment. As with plastic bags and Styrofoam, batteries and scrap metal can be recycled at the SOCRRA Drop-off Center, 995 Coolidge Highway in Troy.

Why can’t I recycle my old bin in my new cart?
The old curbside bins are too bulky to collect in the new recycling carts. Please bring unwanted bins to SOCRRA’s Drop-off Center, 995 Coolidge Highway in Troy – they will be sent back to the manufacturer to be recycled. Please consider reusing your old bin – they make great storage containers for the garage or basement and can also be used to collect recyclables before placing them in your new cart.

Cart Delivery Update

Cart delivery is happening, and  fast!  For up to date progress,  visit and click on “Cart Delivery”.   Click on your city and learn  about when cart delivery starts  and delivery status.