4 Steps to Being a Better Recycler



How can you be the best recycler you can?  Learn more with these four steps to take your recycling to the next level.

Step #1—Revisit the Recycling Guidelines

Even avid recyclers need to review the recycling rules from time to time.  The recycling guidelines are available on the SOCRRA website or use the Waste Wizard tool that was designed to answer the question “what do I do with this item?” 

Once you are familiar with what can be recycled, be sure to properly prepare recyclables and only include materials listed as acceptable.  Adding materials you think should be recycled or if you are not sure can cause problems for SOCRRA at the recycling facility.

Step #2— Go Beyond the Curb

If you have mastered your curbside collection, is there more than can be recycled through SOCRRA?  The answer is YES!  SOCRRA’s free Drop-off Center accepts everything collected curbside and materials such as plastic bags, Styrofoam, hardcover books, CDs and DVDs, and used clothing.  Click here for a complete list.

Step #3—Shrink Your “Waste” Line—Reduce!

Making less waste in the first place is always the best practice.  For example, SOCRRA only accepts plastic bags at the drop‐off site. Why not consider bringing reusable bags to the store rather than stockpiling all those plastic ones?  Click here for more tips.

Step #4—Buy Recycled Content Products

Continue the work you’re already doing at the curb by aiming to purchase those same materials in a new life. Look around the next time you’re at the store for how you can “vote” for recycled products with your dollars. Check the labels to see if the product contains recycled content.  Woods, Lathrup Village,