Be a Super (Bowl) Recycler



Sports fans are ready for some football this weekend. Whether hosting a party or attending one, there are many ways to encourage the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) for your next gathering.

Choose finger foods: Plastic utensils and plates are destined for the trash can. Consider preparing a finger food menu served on reusable dishes.

Ditch disposables: Make a plan for dirty dishes to be loaded in the dishwasher or soaked in a container with soapy water to help make cleanup easier.

Carpool: Encourage guests to carpool to the watch party to reduce the carbon emissions.

Cloth decorations: Cloth napkins, banners and pennants with the team logos or colors are fun reusable party ideas.  

Recycling bin: When guests, arrive explain recycling rules and point out the recycling bin location.

Signage: Recycling containers should have a sign on or above them to remind guests to recycle. Don’t forget to include a list or photos of what is recyclable.